Are you passionate about writing about cannabis topics? Looking for ways to reach a wider audience through guest posting?

You may have found us by searching “Write For Us + Cannabis” or even “Cannabis Guest Blogging.” At Buy Weed Online, where our motto is “Get More, Pay Less,” we are now accepting guest posts from all writers!

Submit A Guest Post Guidelines

As long as your article meets the following requirements, we will publish it on our website without any problems!

  • The article has to be at least 1000 words in length
  • No plagiarism of any sort ( we will be checking)
  • High-quality article on a topic that does not copy another existing article
  • No more than 2 links in an article
  • Images have to be copyright free
  • Any data has to be backed up by a trusted source

What You Get In Return

We are an online weed dispensary that sells customers all over Canada. By writing an article in the cannabis niche for us, you will be getting more exposure to customers in the industry.

You may also include 1-2 links in the article pointing back to your own website. In this way, people are able to see which website wrote the article and also visit your page!

How To Submit A Guest Post

You may email your article in a Google Drive or Word document to [email protected]

If your article meets our requirements, we will message you back to let you know.

Thank you for your interest in writing for us.

Have a great day,

Team at Buy Weed Online