Hash, is the resin collected from the flowers of the cannabis plant and filtered and pressed.

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What is Hash Weed

Hash, commonly referred to as hashish, is a weed concentrate. Hash is made by using the tar of a marijuana plant to produce it. The high potency of hash makes it a suitable experience for those seeking an intense high.

Types of Hashish Canada

Hash products are different from one another depending on how it was made. Some places will have premium quality cannabis rated 5.00, while others may have hash showing poor quality. Luckily for you, our dispensary offers marijuana that is rated one of the greatest there is.

While dried cannabis flowers typically contain 10% to 25% THC, Black Hash Canada can have up to 40% THC. When you smoke hash, it is known to be smoother than marijuana flowers and you don’t have to consume as much to feel its effects.

Is Hashish Legal in Canada

Yes, hash products (hashish) are legal in Canada.

On October 17, 2018, history was made when Canada made marijuana legal all across the country. Since then, retail and weed dispensary stores like ourselves have opened up to help fill this market Canada-wide.

You can now smoke hash or cannabis freely in Canada as long as you meet the legal age requirement.

How to Use Hash

The most popular way of using hash is through smoking. If you are looking for the traditional method, hookahs will be the way to go.

The following are just some other ways you can use hash cannabis for your enjoyment.

Smoke under glass

This is an old-school way of using hash, where it works the same way as a dab rig. To smoke under glass, you need to roll a small ball of hash and place it onto a bent paper clip. Then, light the hash cannabis and quickly blow it out. Now, you have to cover the burning hash with a glass cup and let the smoke cloud up the glass. Inhale the smoke with a straw after lifting the glass up to let the smoke escape.

Add hash to joints

When you roll up a joint, add some hash into the cannabis mix. You can even dip the joint in honey to sweeten up the cannabis experience.

Crown a bowl

In this method, you simply get some hash and crumble it with your chosen cannabis strains.

Dab rig

This is a newer way to smoke hash and is designed to smoke a variety of cannabis concentrates.


For those cannabis users who do not want to smoke, there are other options and accessories as well. Vaping using a herb vaporizer is a popular way to enjoy cannabis products without inhaling any smoke.


Turning hashish products into edibles is another non-smoking method that many enjoy.

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