Cannabis does not only come in the color green. In fact, there are weed colors that can reveal a lot about their traits.

Depending on the cannabis strain, a marijuana plant can be tall or short. The aroma will also be different, this is why dispensaries offer a variety of cannabis products for you to choose from!

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The Color of Weed

When you grow marijuana seeds, the strains will be predominantly green in color. You will see all shades of green and even some hint of purple on the marijuana plants.

However, as these plants start to mature, other colors may start to appear on the buds. Factors that can change its color include nutrients, temperature, and the type of soil it is growing on.

So what do the colors mean? Let’s go over some of the main ones, shall we?

Green Color Marijuana Plant

This is the color that you will mainly see in cannabis. This is due to chlorophyll being present, which is responsible for soaking in the sun.

The green color will be very strong especially during the summertime. It is a time when the sun powers up the process of photosynthesis and makes the green color that stands out. When it starts to get colder, other colors will start to appear as the strong green color will be reduced.

An example of green-colored marijuana is our Green Crack strain.

Blue, Purple, Pink, and Red Color Marijuana Plant

When cannabis turns blue-ish, they fall in the range where they have anthocyanins chemicals. This chemical can change the marijuana plant color to become colorful.

The reason why fruits like blueberries and raspberries have color is due to their high levels of anthocyanins. In the same way, when cannabis has these chemicals, it will change to a color other than the standard green.

The purple-colored cannabis strains at our dispensary are popular among our customers. It could be due to the visual appeal of these stains but it also tastes great!

Buy Weed Online also offers strains in blue-ish, red, and pink colors. No matter what your preferences are, we have you covered. You may check out our Canadian 99 oz options for these!

Yellow and Orange Color Marijuana Plant

When there is the presence of carotenoids, it will change the cannabis color to become more yellow and orange.

This pigment is responsible for giving you good eyesight and protects you against macular degeneration. 

It is also good to know that if you grow cannabis seeds in soil with a pH of 5 or below, it will give you more carotenoids.

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White Color Marijuana Plant

If the cannabis buds are covered with trichomes, it can give off the appearance of looking white in color. When you see a cannabis strain looking like this, you know for a fact that it will pack a good punch.

Trichomes will make cannabis highly potent, meaning you won’t need to smoke as much of it to get high.

How The Color of Weed Affects Potency

When you see a bunch of colorful weed concentrate, you may start to drool from the sigh of it. As we now know, white-looking cannabis means it has strong flavors.

However, if you are using cannabis in a different manner such as cannabis oil, edibles, or even CBD pills, you could only tell its potency based on its packaging.

Some people may also prefer to use a bright color cannabis strain just based on its aesthetics. No matter what cannabis you choose, just remember to take it responsibly.

What The Color of Weed Can Reveal To You

You can learn a lot about a cannabis strain just by looking at its color. Here are some of the things it can reveal to you:

1 – Flavor

Although this is more of a generalization, the color of a cannabis bud can tell you which flavors are more dominant. For example, blue and purple strains are usually fruitier and taste like berries.

2 – Potency

The number of trichomes resting on the cannabis buds will reveal its potency to you. The more trichomes it has, the more potent it will be.

3 – Freshness

If a bud looks really bright, it is currently at the peak of its freshness. When cannabis color starts to fade, it means they are not as fresh and maybe less potent over time.

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Final Thoughts

There are over a thousand strains for you to choose from. So, it is safe to say that you won’t be able to try all of them in your lifetime.

Usually, people tend to stick to the main few cannabis strains they enjoy. On special occasions, they may venture out and try something new from a Mix & Match option that we offer on our dispensary. This option will allow you to try different cannabis strains for a great price.

While weed color is not the ultimate factor in determining weed quality, it does say a lot about how it tastes and its freshness.

When you order cannabis from us, expect to be greeted with the most potent products that have been hand-picked by our growers in Canada. 

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