Saving more money is a struggle for many people. Unless you are fortunate enough to gain a large inheritance from your family, it can be hard to make ends meet. 

What if you’re in a situation where you are living paycheck to paycheck but still want to buy cannabis? What is the sweet spot for the price of online weed products?

With dispensary brands all competing against each other and offering deals of the week, you can really stretch your dollar to last for much longer.

It is also important to know how much the average cannabis strain will cost you in order to budget accordingly. 

How Weed Price is Determined 

While the cost of cannabis will vary based on where you live, they typically will be based on the following factors:

1 – Location

Some places will just have better weather to grow cannabis than other areas. As a result, if you live in a place not ideal for growing weed for smoking, it may cost more for you to buy them.

Luckily, there are grow tents that people use now that people can use to grow cannabis indoors. Also, most dispensaries in Canada such as ours can ship to all provinces. 

So it does not matter if you live in the expensive city of Vancouver or a small city in Quebec, the price of weed will be the same for you.

If you live in Surrey, we have weed delivery Surrey services as well!

2 – Quality

Cannabis comes in a variety of buds quality. Naturally, the better the strains, the higher the price. If you buy weed online from us, just know that you will be getting the best prices in the market!

Also, some buds will have higher demand than others due to their effects. These cannabis strains will cost more than average ones.

3 – Growing Method 

The way cannabis is grown and cropped will influence the price as well.

Was your cannabis grown indoors? Outdoors? Or in greenhouses?

Typically, growing cannabis indoors will cost more to do. In turn, it will be reflected in the price that consumers pay. 

Some growing methods will also take more time to do which will make the cost of weed go up.

4 – Size of the Dispensary

Larger dispensaries can usually offer better pricing on their products. Take a look at big brands like Walmart or Superstore in Canada, they sell pretty much every food with competitive pricing.

It is harder for smaller dispensaries to compete on prices. So, making a brand name for themselves that can relate to customers is important.

5 – Product Type 

While this article is mainly focused on cannabis strains, there are also other forms of cannabis products to buy.

Popular ones include:


  Weed Concentrates

  Vape pens

  THC Capsules

  CBD oil

  And more

All these products have their own set of pricing, which may or may not be expensive depending on what you buy.

Cannabis Bud Grade 

While the cannabis bud grade system is not well regulated, most dispensaries will show this rating on each of their cannabis product. 

All cannabis will start from one A all the way up to the premium AAAA. Below you can see a quick breakdown of the quality of each kind of weed. 

cannabis grading buds

Gif courtesy of Online Dispensary Canada.

Also, the bud grade is only looking at the quality of the buds and how the cannabis was grown. It does not look at the potency levels as some strains just have stronger effects than others.

In short, the more A’s you see in the cannabis rating, the higher the price you will be expected to pay.

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Ways To Extend Your Cannabis Budget

If you are on a cannabis budget, here are some ways you can make your money last longer. 

1 – Try Cheaper Products

Don’t always go for that AAAA cannabis product as this is the most expensive. There are cheaper alternatives such as 99 oz strains or hash products that are just as potent but more affordable.

For more variety, you can also take a look at our Mix & Match options to try a bunch of different cannabis for the fraction of a price. 

2 – Sign up For Emails 

Most dispensaries will provide more deals in their emails. This is to reward loyal customers and give them high-quality cannabis at great prices.

You can sign up for our mailing list to receive the latest offers on all our products. We will send you a 10% discount code!

Final Thoughts

The cost of cannabis is something that people always look at before buying them. As more dispensary brands emerge, the price will slowly be driven down as consumers are always looking for the best deals.

However, always keep in mind that cheap cannabis does not always mean they are of good quality. I mean, they are cheap for a reason.

The sweet spot for cannabis pricing will also depend on how much you can spend on cannabis. So, just work within your budget. Also, check out our current Promotions menu for the best deals as we usually give a 20-30% discount on select products.

Buy your best BC Weed products today.

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