Shatter bars… What is the first thought that comes into your mind when you hear this word?

You might be thinking of chocolate bars and how they come in rectangle packaging. With shatter bars, this is exactly how it comes in.

It is completely different from regular shatter, where they come in a hard and translucent appearance. They are also fairly easy to break apart, hence why it is given the name of shatter.

This form of shatter edibles is widely popular due to how discreet it is to use. From afar, it looks just like any other regular chocolate bar. 

The fact that it will not smell of cannabis also makes it an attractive option for many. Simply bring it along for long road trips or walk around the town, and get some cannabis potency in you no matter where you go.

In this article, you will learn all about shatter bars and regular shatter, where we will also be discussing the differences between the two and which you should choose for your cannabis enjoyment.

By the end of reading this, you can have a better understanding of which shatter to buy online.

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Shatter Bars Overview

Shatter bars are one of the many shatter products available in the market for consumers to buy. It is a form of edible where the potency can be very high for consumption.

Years of testing different combinations and ingredients have resulted in the popular shatter bars being sold more online and in retail stores.

With shatter bars, expect them to come in many different flavours. Popular types include Milk Chocolate, Cookies, and Toffee Crunch flavour.

The sweet and creamy consistency will melt gracefully in your mouth, leaving your taste buds hungry for more sweet goodness. 

Since it is shaped similar to chocolate bars, it is named the “Shatter Bars.”

Main Difference Between Shatter Bars and Regular Shatter

blueberry shatter

The picture is our Online Weed store Shatter – Mac #1 product.

While both these products have shatter in them, the main difference comes down to the way it is used and how fast it takes to kick in.

Shatter bars will also not break apart like glass if you drop them by accident (although it makes still breaks into pieces, you can still eat it).

How It Is Used

Since shatter bars are basically just edibles, it is easier to introduce this form of product to those who may not want to jump right into smoking shatter.

With its likeness to chocolate bars, it makes for an exciting product to try and taste what it’s like.

For those who use cannabis more frequently, regular shatter requires more steps to use and would be a better option.

How To Use The Shatter Bars

shatter bars dosage

You can use shatter bars the same way you eat any other chocolate bars. Simply break it apart into your desired pieces and pop them into your mouth.

It does not matter if you decide to chew it or let it melt, the taste will still be the same.

Shatter Bars Shelf Life

The shelf life of shatter bars can be compared to any other weed edibles. On average, expect 3 to 4 months of shelf life before its optimal taste starts to fade.

Since shatter bars have been made into a chocolate form, it can last longer and can still be eaten even past the expiry date. It may just be less potent after the “best before” date.

For brownies, it will go bad faster since it would be freshly baked. 

If you keep the shatter bars away from sunlight, it will make it last even longer as well.

Benefits of Using Shatter Bars

The benefits of shatter bars are largely similar to most edibles.

Long story short, it has therapeutic benefits that can also help make you more relaxed and calm.

How Strong Are Shatter Bars?

Shatter bars vary in potency. If you’re looking at 2 squares of shatter bars, you can expect a fairly strong dose of 250mg cannabis.

With 4 squares of shatter bars, the dosage will be double 250mg of the extracted cannabis concentrate.

Are Shatter Bars Safe?

Yes, shatter bars are safe.

They all have a controlled dosage per shatter bar. In other words, you will know the exact amount of THC that you consume.

Nothing to worry about when you eat shatter bars in moderation.

How Long Does It Take For A Shatter Bar To Kick In?

This question is highly subjective as it is based on personal tolerance to cannabis. For those who have a high tolerance, it may take a longer time to experience an effect, and vice versa.

On the fast side, you may experience the effects of shatter bars as soon as 5 minutes. On the long side, it may take up to 2 hours before you feel anything at all.

Thus, the general average time it takes for a shatter bar to kick in cannot be answered with a specific time.

The factors that influence this include your metabolism, how much you consume, and an individual’s tolerance.

For new users, we recommend you to only eat 1 shatter bar square and wait for its effects. Do not eat more until you experience anything as you may accidentally take more than your body can take.

Compared to smoking shatter in the form of dabbing or vaping, shatter bars will take longer to kick in.

With regular shatter, you can feel the effects almost instantly. This is one of the major differences between the two products.

How Many Pieces Are In A Shatter Bar?

shatter bars amount

On average, you will find 24 squares in a shatter bar. This offers the perfect blend of having just enough dosage for your edible desire.

Having too much could cause you to experience greening out, which you do not want.

They will also come lab-tested and in 250mg and 500mg Full Spectrum Extract cannabis dosage.

Shatter Bar Ingredients

The ingredients found in shatter bars will depend on what kind of flavours you choose. Obviously, choosing one that has chocolate flavour will mean that there is chocolate in the edible.

Typical ingredients found in a shatter bar includes:

  • Sugar
  • Butter
  • Milk
  • Chocolate
  • Soy Lectin
  • Vanilla
  • High Cannabis Extract 

Note: Be wary of using the shattered bar product if you are allergic to peanuts. This is because the machines used to make these products may also come across contact with nuts during the process.

Things To Remember Before Taking A Shattered Bar

If you are using any sort of medication, it is important to check that it can be mixed with shatter bars. 

In some cases, certain medications are not recommended to be used at the same time as cannabis-infused edibles like the shatter bar.

Always consult with your family doctor or medical professionals if you are unsure. By being well informed of what you can and cannot eat, this will ensure nothing bad happens to you in the long run.

Shatter Bars Review

Many people have enjoyed shatter bars as part of their cannabis experience. 

Some of the reviews for the shattered bar product include:

  • How the shatter bar can break apart easily for consumption
  • Taste more like cookies and cream, rather than cannabis
  • Great for use with a beverage like coffee

Shatter Bars VS Regular Shatter

So which should you choose? Just remember that shatter bars is an edible brand. 

For those who prefer using edibles, shatter bars are the way to go. It is easy to use and can be done discreetly.

For those who rather dab or vape their cannabis, regular shatter will be the obvious choice. 

In the end, as long as you enjoy the process, it does not matter if you use shatter bars or regular shatter.

They will both give you the benefits of cannabis in both a recreational and medicinal setting.

Luckily for you, Online Weed Canada offers regular shatter in various dosages and potencies. 

Browse our selection of cheap shatter products for more information.

Have you tried shatter bars before? What is your experience using it? Would you use this edible again? Let us know in the comments!

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