With cannabis being easily accessible to all Canadians, it is important that we know what is the truth and lies about the marijuana plant. 

The internet has also become a place where anyone and everyone can post what they feel about cannabis. 

While some comments may hold some truth, there are many others that spread a negative connotation to cannabis due to their personal beliefs.

It can certainly lead to complications if we believed some of the misconceptions that people have about weed.

In today’s article, you will find out more about the myths surrounding cannabis. These have been proven by experts in the medical and scientific industry, so read on and enjoy these facts before you buy weed online!

1 – “Marijuana is not addictive”

Research has determined… that this is a lie.

With the THC strains being stronger than before, a sudden withdrawal to this psychoactive compound may have side effects to a user that uses it a lot.

Habits are easy to form but hard to break out of. Once you get used to a certain lifestyle where you do weed everyday, it will not be easy to just stop for a day.

While cannabis won’t be addictive like opioids, it will lead to physical withdrawal symptoms for some people.

The general rule is always to take it slow and not to depend on the drug too much for your daily life activities.

2 – “Marijuana high will only last a few hours”

myths about cannabis

Research has determined… that this is a lie.

The length of time weed stays in your body will depend on how much you took at a given time. It will also be different based on your tolerance and THC dosage levels to cannabis.

There are many drug tests that you can do to find out how long marijuana will stay in your system.

Another fact is also weed edibles tend to stay in your body longer than if you were to smoke cannabis.

3 – “Smoking weed will make you lazy”

Research has determined… that this is a lie.

While some weed strains, such as the Indica strain, will make you relax and calm your mind, not all weed will make you “lazy.” 

Sativa strains, for example, will make you more creative and productive, giving you the energy boost you need to get your work done.

Did you know? William Shakespeare, the famous English playwright, may have also smoked cannabis. An analysis of tobacco pipes that was dug out showed that he had grown the marijuana plant right in his own garden.

It is entirely possible that smoking cannabis helped Shakspeare write his sonnets and plays that continue to be a classic to this day.

4 – “Marijuana is harmless”

Research has determined… that this is a lie.

While overdosing on marijuana will not give you any life-threatening effects, it is not harmless by any means.

According to scientists, cannabis use is related to an increase in mental illness and diseases like cancer and stroke. 

Smoking cannabis also has more carcinogens compared to tobacco, which will damage your lungs over time.

When you smoke cannabis, it will also change the structure of your brain. This change is permanent and any damage caused will forever be there.

5 – “It is impossible to overdose on marijuana”

Research has determined… that this is a lie.

We can all overdose on anything. Drinking or eating too much of anything is never a good thing.

Sure, we might eat a lot of fruit because it is a healthy thing to do. However, if you do too much at once, there will be side effects.

The most common way you can overdose on marijuana is by eating edibles. This is because some people do not realize that it takes more time for edibles to kick in.

When you smoke cannabis, the effects are instant. You will feel the “high” and everything will be great. For eating edibles, the digestion process will take longer as it is broken down in your stomach.

You will end up eating more edibles during the digestion phase, unknowingly causing yourself to overdose.

6 – “Marijuana is a medicine”

Research has determined… that this is a lie.

Many people use marijuana as medicine to treat their various conditions, and they use it to treat anxiety and pain.

When you use cannabis with CBD-only compounds, you will be able to receive all the benefits of weed without its psychoactive effects. 

There is no denying that cannabis has its medicinal value. However, the long-term effects of marijuana on a person’s health is not known. 

Doctors will also tend to recommend other types of medicines over cannabis use.

This is why more research is needed to know if cannabis will have medicinal benefits that won’t cause any long-term damage. 

7 – “Everyone who uses weed are heavy users”

Research has determined… that this is a lie.

Since our online dispensary sells cannabis Canada-wide on a daily basis, we are able to have an insight on the types of people who buy our products.

Our data shows that people from all walks of life buy from us. There are many recreational users who like to smoke once in a while. For them, there is no better feeling than coming home from a long day of work and smoking some weed.

While smoking cannabis with THC will make you more “hyper,” this is because the flower is stimulating your mind. It is not because the person has smoked a lot of weed to reach that level of high.


You have learned about the 7 myths of cannabis and why it is not true. From this, you can now share with others what knowledge you have gained.

With false cannabis news pretty much everywhere, we hope that this article has given you some value.

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