You came to this article because you wanted to learn how to keep edibles away from kids and pets.

This is a true concern, especially if you enjoy using edibles to experience the effects of cannabis.

Sometimes, it can be hard to decide where to hide your precious edible products. It is not a good idea to leave it out in the open for kids and pets to see easily. 

Edibles come in many shapes and sizes such as gummy bears and chocolate bars. They may think these are regular snacks and accidentally take some!

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Edibles Overview

Edibles are a type of weed product that has been infused with cannabis. It is great for those who prefer to ingest cannabis rather than smoke them.

Even though edibles are relatively safe (it won’t actually kill you), it is not a good idea to have kids or pets ingest them. 

With Canada legalizing cannabis in the country, it is now even easier to get your hands on edibles. 

This is why our article today will talk about the best ways to keep edibles away from kids or pets!

Edibles Effects On Kids and Pets

Edibles are used mainly for recreational purposes. However, it is not made for young kids or pets. 

There is CBD oil made specifically for your furry animals to use.

When you do not store the edibles in a safe area, curious kids and pets may find your product and give it a try.

We all know that edibles will affect everyone differently. Factors that will determine how long edibles last in your body include metabolism, genetics, height, and weight.

edible tips

Since kids and pets are smaller in size, the effects of edibles will be much greater if they consume them.

Furthermore, since edibles take longer to come into effect, kids may end up eating too much in a short time span.

Best Way To Keep Edibles Away From Kids Or Pets

Here are the best ways to keep edibles away from kids and pets.

1 – Store Them High Up

By keeping edibles out of reach from kids and pets, you reduce the chances of them actually getting to it. 

Store the edibles high up on shelves. This will make it next to impossible for them to see or reach them.

2 – Lock Them Away

Place the edibles in a container or drawer that can be locked. This prevents anyone from finding your edibles stash other than you. 

3 – Seal Or Wrap Them

If you can wrap them up with some plastic like a gift, no one will be able to tell what is inside the wrappers. This ensures that you are the only person to know what is inside.

4 – Eat Edibles Alone

Don’t use edibles around kids and pets. Edible packaging may catch the eye of your kids. By using edibles alone, they will never even know what they missed out on.

What To Do In Case A Child Or A Pet Eats Edibles

It is best to bring your child or pet to an emergency room if they ate edibles by accident.

Everyone reacts differently to edibles and it is better to be safe than sorry.

Symptoms of edibles include vomiting, fast breathing, and sleepiness.

Final Thoughts on Best Way To Keep Edibles Away From Kids Or Pets

Even as an adult, you should not be eating more than 10mg of THC if you are a beginner. Always take it slow and see how you react before taking more edibles.

With so many edible brands out there, also take time to read the packaging. This ensures you know exactly how much cannabis dosage you are taking in your body.

This article has taught you several ways to keep edibles out of reach from kids and pets. Now use it to your advantage and make sure your edibles are always kept safe at all times!