So did you want to make your very own cannabis joint filter? This is an important step, especially if you don’t want to accidentally inhale some marijuana flower inside your mouth.

It just takes away from the experience and kills the mood.

Although using filters is not mandatory when smoking weed, it is definitely a popular choice for smokers as it gives you many benefits.

Yes, you can always buy the filters if you want. However, this article will teach you how you can make your own!

Cannabis Joint Filter Overview

A cannabis joint filter is a kind of stiff paper that is found at the end of your smoking joint. It is used for the following reasons:

  1. Helps prevent any marijuana plant bits from going into your mouth
  2. Keeps you from getting burnt when the joint is almost done
  3. Serves to keep joint ends open and not closed

While you can certainly smoke without using a filter, it will enhance your cannabis smoking experience and make it so much better.

Did you know? Many smokers also use this filter to express themselves. They do this by making shapes or symbols onto the joint filter itself.

Guide on Making A Filter

Since there are several methods to making a filter, you should experiment and see which technique works best for you.

The easiest way to make a filter would be by rolling a piece of paper in your joint. While this is quick and easy to do, there are better methods that will give you a better result.

This is because some cannabis matter can still slip through the cracks and make its way to your mouth. The filter can also become loose over your smoking session and render it unusable. 

making joint filter

Tip: Choose the correct paper for your filter. This will make a huge difference.

When you get a filter paper that is just right (not too thin, not too thick), it will make the making process a whole lot easier.

If you get a paper that is too thin, it will just be too flimsy and not easy to work with. On the other hand, a thick paper will be too bulky and hard to roll into the joint.

Good papers can be:

  • Checkbook back flap
  • Magazine subscription card
  • Index cards

There are also dispensaries that sell paper that has been pre-cut to the right size. For those who prefer to buy a pre-roll joint, we also offer that option at our Buy Weed Online Canadian store. We also offer services like weed delivery in Surrey or anywhere else you may live in Canada. All orders ship out within the next business day!

Anyway, here are the steps you need to take when making your own marijuana joint filter.

1 – Start out by folding the end of the paper a few times. This can be as wide or narrow as you want it to be. Usually, people will make an “M” or “V” shape when folding.

2 – Roll the filter paper around the section that has been folded. The goal here is to wrap this around the filter and cover it entirely. 

3 – At the end of the rolling paper, you can put the filter and roll them together. You should really only be leaving a tiny bit of filter exposed at the end.

4 – After rolling the joint, push the exposed filter at the end inside. This will make it flush with the rolling paper.

Note: When making the initial folds (either in “M” or “V” shape), you can fold as many times as needed. It all depends on what works for you.

Here is an infographic that shows you how to roll your own joint.

how to roll a joint

Final Thoughts on Marijuana Joint Filter

At the end of the day, choosing whether to use a filter in joints is all up to you. Having one will just make your own experience more enhanced.

Filters have benefits such as preventing your mouth from getting burnt and inhaling any marijuana plant matter. 

While some people may be annoyed at this, some people do not mind as much and thus don’t need to use a filter.

There are also many kinds of material you can use to make a filter. Some techniques will be more ideal than the rest.

When in doubt, you can always buy your ready-made pre-roll joints from dispensaries like ours. We offer many products including hashish, shatter, weed concentrates, vape pens, and more!

The moon rock joints are also popular these days due to their high THC, check them out!

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