Cannabis edibles are any kind of food or beverage that has been infused with marijuana concentrates.

These days, there are so many kinds of cannabis edibles that you may find it hard to choose which to buy.

There are also differences between each and every cannabis edible product as some may be more potent than others.

Knowing the ins and outs of cannabis edibles will be a lifelong lesson, helping you make better decisions regarding what types to eat and at what point.

The Cannabis Edibles Overview

According to Health Canada, edibles are broken down into two types.

One is known as “edible solids,” such as gummies, and the other is called “edible beverages,” such as coffee or tea.

These food products will all have been mixed with cannabis in order to count as edible.

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What Makes Edibles Different?

Edibles are different in the sense that you don’t have to smoke or vape them. To experience its effects, you can simply consume the product just like any other regular food source. This is why so many people like to buy edibles online to eat!

They also come in other forms such as in THC capsules or pills, which you can swallow. There are even cannabis-infused teas that you can drink!

At the end of the day, choosing which kind of edibles for your needs is your own preference. However, speaking to a medical professional can help give you a better understanding of the kinds of options out there.

The other main difference is that you are not burning anything to activate the THC cannabinoids.

Instead, you are eating cannabis extracts that have already been cooked and activated. This means that you will experience its effects immediately after you digest the edible.

The Process of Eating Marijuana Edibles

When you decide to smoke cannabis, your lungs will receive the smoke which has been inhaled. In this way, you can feel the THC effects right away.

When you decide to eat edibles, you are using your digestive system to digest the product before you can experience its effects. This means it will take longer (a couple of hours) for you to even feel anything

eating edibles

Tip: Start low and go slow to avoid any negative side effects.

How Do You Make Edibles?

The main three steps of making weed edibles are as follows:

1 – CO2 Extraction

You first need to extract the cannabis in order for the infusion with food to take place. To do this, carbon dioxide in its liquid form must be added to the natural marijuana compound with the use of pressurized heat.

After this process, CO2 will come out as gas form and the only thing that remains is the weed concentrate.

2 – Infusing Edibles

If you opt for this route, you can do so by adding the distillate directly onto the edibles.

You also get a better idea of the exact dosage that you are injecting into the cannabis solid.

For beverages, this method will not work. You would have to go through an additional step called emulsification. 

3 – Refining Through Short-Path Distillation

After collecting the weed concentrate extraction, you can use a pressurized heat method to transform this into a more refined extraction. This process is called a “short path distillation.”

Types of Cannabis Edibles

As mentioned above, there are many types of cannabis edibles in the market. Popular ones include gummies and chocolate kinds.

At our online dispensary, we also offer a wide range of edibles such as the following:

Pineapple Jelly Bomb

All these products can be legally purchased and consumed in Canada. We also only sell to those residing in Canadian cities (sorry to everyone else!) 

If you live outside the country, you should follow the laws and regulations there regarding edible products.

Final Thoughts on Cannabis Edibles & How It Works

Everyone who has tried edibles ends up loving it. They are just so versatile and can be used pretty much everywhere in a discreet manner.

Remember to store them safely if you have any children or pets. Edible gummies will look like regular gummies, so your kids might accidentally eat them thinking it was their favorite sweet candy.

While cannabis will not kill you, it is not ideal for underaged people to be consuming them. 

Also, you want to only buy from a high-quality source like Buy Weed Online. We offer premium marijuana products that have been tested and accurately packaged with labels.

By buying your edibles from elsewhere, you run the risk of getting incorrect doses of edibles, which can lead to unnecessary side effects.

Anyway, what’s your favorite kind of edibles? Do you prefer eating them or smoking cannabis instead?