People now know about the adverse effects of tobacco products. Therefore, people have shifted to vaping products in recent times. Using vaping products is also called e-cigarettes and is less harmful than traditional cigarettes.

When new products enter the market, people tend to try these products out. Sometimes, it is just to satisfy the curiosity that comes with something new. Are you one of them – willing to try out a vaping product to douse your intellectual curiosity? If yes, there are certain things you shall consider before you decide. This article will help you with the top 5 facts you must know about a

THC vape pen in Canada.

By the end of the article, you will be able to determine the kind of vape pen that best suits your needs. Once you decide, you can visit web stores like to buy your vaping product online. They provide different vaping products to choose from at different price ranges.

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the natural component present in Marijuana that gives one the high. THC is available as oils and flowers for one to inhale using vaping products. A vape pen is one such vaping product to ingest THC. We have you covered if you don’t know what a THC vape pen is.

Requires charging

The battery component is an integral, indispensable part of the vape pen. We recommend you look for vape pens with a good battery capacity. You do not want to ruin your vaping experience by letting the battery switch off the vape pen in between an episode. It is always better to charge your vape pen before using it. And, it is always better to check for vape pen models that have a good battery capacity.

Temperature is the key

Vape pens come in various models. Some sophisticated models can have other components like a digital screen and a temperature controller. However, the basic model of a vape pen contains a battery, a mouthpiece, a tank, and an atomizer.

We have already discussed the importance and use of a battery in the vape pen. The mouthpiece is the most significant component of the vape pen – the part which lets you inhale the vapor. The tank and the atomizer are the actual working parts. Most vape pens have a button on the rear. By switching the button on, you essentially activate the vape pen.

On activation, the battery inflates the atomizer. It, in turn, heats the oil or concentrates in the tank. The hot liquid in the tank vaporizes for you to inhale. During the entire process, you must know the temperature to which you must heat the liquid.

The temperature determines your experience. If you overheat the liquid, the vapor could be thick and harsh, making you feel suffocated. On the other hand, you might not feel the right level of satisfaction when the liquid does not heat up to the right degree. For this reason, beginners should start with the minimum required to heat and increase it gradually to find the right unique balance.

You can opt for a vape pen with a digital display of the temperature reached for you to decide on the same. However, beware that such vape pens could be costly and fall within the higher price range.

Types of vape pens– Cartridge and Concentrate

Concentrate vape pens are more work than cartridge vape pens. In cartridge pens, you insert the filled-in cartridge into the tank, and the atomizer heats the liquid within the cartridge. Even with lesser maintenance, you can use it, and it is convenient. In the case of concentrate vape pens, the user must manually fill in the tank with the THC liquid purchased. Apart from this difference, the level of satisfaction you can derive is pretty much the same in both vape pens.

Price range

Understandably, the price range of these products plays a significant role in your decision to buy them. A cart of disposable vape pens can cost you around $120 to $160. The price structure will follow if you prefer using a vape pen with cartridges.

The initial cost of a vape pen would be $150 to $200, depending upon the model you choose. High-end vape pens are also available in the price range of $350 or more. You would also need to purchase cartridges to refill the vape pen. A cartridge would usually cost you $40 to $60 

Legality and purchase

Canadian vaping laws place certain restrictions on the design and structure of vaping products. These rules are currently in force in the country. However, these laws are more relevant to the sellers and dealers than the end-users. Dealers and users should be aware of the requirements under the law to avoid any legal consequences.


This article attempts to help you navigate the basics of a vape pen. You can never know enough about vaping products since it is a new industry gathering pace. Further, the vaping laws are evolving in Canada and other countries. It is always better to keep yourself updated on the developments as frequently as possible.