With so many types of Shatter available, how do you know which and what are the best shatter in Canada?

Our team has researched the best brands that sell shatter online, where we compared everything from quality, reputation, and value.

In this article, we will also go over some of the common questions you might have about shatter. By the end of it, you will know everything from who makes the best shatter to how much does shatter cost per gram in Canada.

Will shatter be legal in Canada?

If you are reading this article right now, you probably already know that cannabis has been legalized in Canada.

cannabis act

Since October 2018, cannabis is legal to use under the Cannabis Act. This means that all forms of marijuana such as weed concentrates, edibles, and  CBD products are allowed to be purchased by people without any consequences. 

Is Shatter Worth Buying

This entirely depends on your preference and budget. However, the general consensus for buying shatter is that it has great value.

The main difference between shatter prices is its potency level. The higher it is, the more expensive it becomes.

For those who just want to try out shatter, we recommend going for a shatter concentrate with lower THC levels to avoid overdosing.

How much does shatter cost per gram in Canada?

In Canada, shatter prices from $29 per gram but it gets cheaper the more you buy.

Since shatter generally has high THC potency, it will give the user an intense experience that makes the price of shatter worth every penny.

Is shatter better than wax?

Not necessarily. 

The main difference between the two is that the chemicals in shatter make it last much longer, compared to wax where it will lose its potency levels over time.

Another difference is that shatter is fragile like glass. One small move could break it into pieces. On the other hand, the wax is tougher and can be moved around without fear of “shattering” the weed concentrate.

Best Shatter in Canada

best shatter

To get an accurate comparison between the best shatter Canada has to offer us, we will take a look at the top 5 online dispensaries that ship Canada-wide.

Herb Approach 

With over 250 related products, Herb Approach has one of the largest selections of shatter online. A quick search showed that a majority of these are not in stock.

The cheapest price for Herb Approach starts at $35 per gram of shatter.


While BudMail does not seem to have a menu section dedicated to shatter, you can use their search option to view some of the shatter products that they have.

One of these shatter products includes a “Lucky Extract” shatter priced at $25.

Distillate Direct

Distillate Direct prides itself by making its own shatter in their laboratory. 

Because of this, they can keep their prices low for their customers. From their website, they specialize in selling in bulk.

Online Dispensary Canada

This online dispensary sells Canada-wide with one of the best shatter prices out there. They also provide a Mix and Match option for those who want to try out many different kinds of shatter!

As for prices, if you buy 28 grams of shatter, it is priced at only $19/gram. Insane value!

Ganja Express

The Ganja Express has a variety of options to bulk buy shatter concentrates. Unlike other dispensaries, they also sell in pounds.

With 1 gram starting at $35, their most expensive shatter is priced at a whopping $3000 for half a pound! 

Green Society

Green Society offers a selection of shatter from AAAA+ House Blend Shatter to Elite Elevation Shatter.

Their shatter prices are competitive with most of the products starting at $30 per gram.

Kush Station

Prices for Kush Station seem to be at a competitive price of $35 per gram. Although they currently have a sale for their Buddha shatter at $22/gram.

Get it while it’s hot!

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