The pineapple strain is one of the hybrid cannabis strains with an irresistible tropical flavour. The strain is commonly recommended for people dealing with migraine, mood disorders, chronic pain, etc. Of course, you get a note of pineapple flavour and sweet citrus fruits.

This strain is for you if you love a tropical and sweet strain. Such strain was born from Ed Rosenthal’s SuperBud as it had the characteristics the growers desired and the correct tropical flavour, which gave birth to the pineapple strain. It contains a 50 to 50 Indica to Sativa ratio, making it a perfect hybrid strain.

The pineapple strain is rich in THC levels with a pleasant and soothing high that relaxes the body. Some users assume that it triggers motivation, brings about euphoria and can help you focus on your task. The strain has grown in popularity over the years, and this article will explore why people love it.

5 Interesting Reasons Pineapple Strain Is Popular:

1.     Impressive Flavor and Aroma

The pineapple strain comes with a pretty distinctive flavour that has captured the heart of many. On taking pineapple strain, you will be overwhelmed with the floral aroma, which will give the impression of being on a tropical beach. Lovers of pineapple and citrus will find this strain incredible as it sits on the tongue for a while as you breathe in the woody aftertaste.

Many people love growing pineapple strains indoors which even gives a good yield. The aromas that will fill your room make sense, and the colour combination (burgundy and orange) will improve your indoor space. People who want to be secretive with their cultivation should not consider this strain as the aroma will give them out, especially when it starts blooming.

2.     Ease of Cultivation

The pineapple strain is excellent for beginners who want to know how to grow marijuana. The plant needs no stringent care and is resistant to mold and other diseases. You will also have a bountiful yield, no matter where you grow it.

It is medium-sized and will typically flower in an average of nine weeks. Also, harvest is usually ready around late September or early Oct. One will likely yield 300 grams per square meter with indoor cultivation, but outdoor cultivation produces 50% more. You can click on pineapple express strain review to get more information about its means of cultivation.

3.     Strong Effect

The pineapple strain is high in THC, which triggers some significant solid psychoactive effects. Users can get as high as 20% of THC from the pineapple strain, making it suitable for consumers who crave the consciousness that THC gives.

The high THC level from the pineapple strain implies that you will have a quick euphoric sensation. As a result, users will likely notice an intense desire to laugh along with an intense focus on your task. This will reduce the tendency to worry and can also improve muscle relaxation.

Excessive THC levels might have some undesirable effects on a couple of people. Chances are one might have to deal with paranoia, racing heart, etc. However, this only happens when consumed in a high dose. As a result, one needs to try THC in low doses, especially when using it for the first time.

4.     Impressive Medicinal Benefits

Most people also love the impressive medicinal benefit that comes from the strain. The interaction between the THC, cannabinoids, and other molecules in the herb gives the plant a unique effect.

The aroma molecules that come from the plant are known as terpenes. With lab testing, one can know precisely the total amount of terpenes present in the pineapple strain. Here are common terpenes that stand out in the pineapple strain:

  • Beta-Caryophyllene (BCP): BCP also acts like cannabinoids in the body and connects with similar receptors like THC and CBD. Also, there are indications that it is rich in immune-modulating and anti-inflammatory properties. It has no intoxicating effect but antidepressant effects.
  • Myrcene: This is a pretty common terpene that is a sedative. Myrcene is responsible for the little drowsy experience people get from this strain. According to a study, Users will also experience the analgesic effect, as it triggers physical relaxation that can calm the muscles and help relieve stress.
  • Limonene: limonene produces the opposite effect of myrcene, as users get an uplifting experience. It is an antioxidant with cancer-preventative effects. According to some studies, it also has anti-inflammatory and anti-asthmatic effects.

5.     The Strain is Energizing

If you want a quiet afternoon on your couch, this is not the strain for you. Users will get a long-lasting burst of energy thanks to the series of terpenes, especially limonene. As a result, it can keep you productive for hours. With this, your productivity will soar as the strain supports your muscles and can even reduce stress.

The strain stands out for invigoration, as it produces high stimulants compared to OG Kush, haze, and other famous strains. You will experience a greater and more intense high, making it a wrong choice for people prone to panic attacks.


The pineapple strain helps achieve many things for users. That is why many people admire and use the strain for various purposes. However, ensure to get pineapple strain from top quality sellers as the experience is tied to the quality of the seed. Above all, make sure you consume responsibly to avoid complications or side effects.