What is Micro dosing?

A fancy way of saying, use as little of a given compound as possible to achieve your desired effect. Mircodosing. Microdosing initially gained popularity among users sharing experiences on online forums and chat rooms that claim to improve mood, creativity, and overall health.

While most have heard about microdosing on the famous Joe Rogans podcast, when properly put into practice microdosing can let users enjoy the benefits of high-potency cannabis while minimizing the psychoactive effects that can get in the way of the rest of their day.

While the results are currently not scientifically proven, there has been a surge in research efforts to study the effects of low doses of THC and other scheduled substances. If you’re already using THC to treat an ailment, micro-dosing might be the best option for you. It’s well worth a try with support from the community.

Best ways to consume THC for Microdosing

THC can be tricky, especially smoking THC or using a vaporizer. With strains ranging in strengths and having it be almost impossible to get the same amount every time this way we always suggest using edibles for microdosing. It’s estimated that when you smoke a joint you lose up to 47% of THC making it very tricky to be consistent.

With the innovations of edibles over the years of legalization, you will be able to get a consistent dose of THC every time. If you want to make sure it’s the same every single time, you can also opt to use a THC pill made with MCT oil. MCT oil is all the crazy in nootropics, it’s a fast-acting oil that helps your body go into ketosis. While micro-dosing isn’t proven to be helpful for the keto diet, MCT oil is fast-acting going right to your liver, and will reduce the time it takes to feel your best.

How do I know if I’m getting enough?

Getting to what dose is right for you isn’t a one size fits all. THC is processed through your liver making things like age, sex, weight, tolerance all large factors in getting the right dose. This step comes down to experimentation.

Getting started with what dose works best for you should be your first step in microdosing, right after acquiring your THC pills or edibles. If you’re a long time user of cannabis, we suggest starting with 10mg of THC and getting a feel for that. One misconception is that you will feel buzzed or high after microdosing, that is not what we are trying to achieve. The main effect should feel light, fluffy, and just enough to keep you in a good consistent mood for a long extended time.

How long do the effects last?

This too will vary from person to person, but one thing to avoid getting the most from your microdosing journey is not to smoke cannabis. When you smoke cannabis it hits your blood and body faster not only creating more of a peak, but the high would only last 1-3 hours. On the other hand, edibles and pills may last anywhere from 4-6 hours with a mellow down letting your body feel the effects and in some cases tricking it to think you always feel that way.

Best strains for microdosing

Another important question to pay attention to. This comes down to your desired result. Indica dominant strains are typically associated with sleepy or sedative properties making them great for insomnia, sleep disorders, or anxiety. Sativa dominate strains typically are more energizing, which help with ailments like ADD or ADHD helping you concentrate on the task at hand. This question has less to do with the actual act of micro-dosing and more with your ailment or systems you are seeking to treat.

Microdosing schedule

While there are tons of different regimens, we suggest James Fadiman’s system. James advises on taking the microdose every three days: take the dose on Day 1, do not take anything on Day 2 or 3. On Day 4, take another microdose.

Continue this routine for several weeks before taking a week off.

Journaling your results

One of the most important steps to making sure micro-dosing THC juice works for you is journaling your process. Not only will journaling your process add a mindful practice into your routine, but it will let you see the tangible results and see where you need to adust in the dose and other factors.

While taking weed is something most of us will do voluntarily and something that has been embedding into our routine, journaling can be hard to be consistent with. A couple of tricks to keep you on track with your journaling is to have a set time when you journal. For me, I journal before bed. Because I know when I will be journaling every night, I can put my journal open on my bed already set up so I have a constant reminder I need to jot down my mood and thoughts.

Where to buy THC for microdosing

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