How long for edibles to kick in? How strong is 200 mg edible? How strong is a 10mg edible? How to get the right cannabis dosage? How many mg of THC to get high? What is 10mg of THC equivalent to smoking?

Weed edibles have increased in popularity in recent years due to its many benefits from its THC and CBD. With Canada legalizing cannabis back in 2018, it has allowed more Canadians to try this form of cannabis as well.

These are just some of the many questions that people are bound to have. We know that overdosing on edibles can lead to unpleasant side effects.

In order for you to avoid ingesting too much edible dosage, this article will provide you with the necessary knowledge such as how strong is a 100mg edible. 

From understanding the THC mg dosage chart to the CBD dosage chart, you will be well informed in reading THC percentage charts and edibles dosage calculator. 

The Benefits of Weed Edibles 

weed edible benefits

Weed edibles are a great option for those who do not smoke. They are the perfect way to get the medicinal benefits of cannabis without inhaling smoke into the lungs.

When you smoke, there are harmful byproducts that can damage your lungs. This can lead to future health issues that no one wants to have.

Eating edibles are also easier to do so in a public environment. With smoking weed, everyone will be able to smell and see you do it. By eating edibles, no one will be the wiser.

The likelihood of a police officer walking up to you and asking why you are eating brownies in public is almost zero.

For those who need to take marijuana for its medicinal benefits, edibles are the perfect way to do just that.

What are some common reasons that you do not feel the effects of edibles after some time?

1 – More time is needed 

Compared to the immediate effects of smoking cannabis, the onset time for edibles Canada products can definitely take a while. You might not be used to waiting so long and start wondering about the effectiveness of the strong edibles.

Give it more time for it to come into effect. 

Our stomach needs time to digest and process the food. If you ate an edible with an empty stomach, expect to feel the effects in about an hour’s time. For those who ate edibles with other food, it will take up to three hours to feel the effects of edibles.


Food has to travel a long way before it is digested. It takes an average of 36 hours to move through your entire colon. 

You would have eaten about 3-5 meals at that time. This is why it is important to be patient and let the edibles go through the digestion process in your intestines.

Some novice cannabis users would eat more edibles because of feeling no effects, only to find out later that they did not wait enough time for it to kick in.

While this mistake can happen to anyone, do not be that one guy who does this.

2 – Dosage was too low

What if you have made sure to wait the recommended amount of time for the effects of the edible but nothing happened?

The next common reason could be a low dosage.

Like we have said, the tolerance levels for THC compounds do vary between every individual. A high dosage for one person might be considered a low one for another person.

This is why you can see that getting the right cannabis dosage is not an easy task to do.

To ensure that you do not overdose on weed edibles, our recommendation would be to not take a lot in one sitting.

Start low and slow.

As a rough guideline, a new cannabis user would start to feel some psychoactive effects after about 3 mg of THC. The effects will then last for an additional of 4 to 6 hours.

You can give yourself another low dose of edibles if you do not feel anything after 2 to 3 hours. This ensures that you will not take too much dosage and cause unnecessary side effects on your body.

If you are eating an edible such as a brownie, start by eating half a brownie before proceeding to eat more.

Oftentimes, you might be eating an edible and not know the exact amounts of cannabis inside it. Therefore, starting slow is always the best way to go.

This rule applies to anyone who eats edibles for recreational or medicinal reasons.

Remember, you can always eat more edibles. You cannot reverse the effects of edibles after eating it.

3 – Edibles with an empty stomach 

While it is true that the effects of edibles will kick in faster on an empty stomach, it does not necessarily mean that it will give you a stronger high.

With an empty stomach, there are no fatty foods to help better absorb the edibles.

If you want a quicker onset time for edibles, our advice is to pair it with fatty food such as avocado or high-fat dairy.

This ensures a more intense high for those who seek it.

How Long Does it Take For Edibles To Kick In?

So you bought some weed edible and can’t wait to experience the edibles high. You have just eaten some and nothing is happening to your body. Now you’re left with the question of “How Long Does It Take For Edibles To Kick In?” and “How To Get The Right Cannabis Dosage?”

Before we get into this question, we need to talk about how our body reacts to certain cannabis products first.

The way our body processes cannabis products such as weed edibles will differ from how it reacts to smoking cannabis.

When you decide to smoke or vape cannabis, it will make you feel high instantaneously. This is because the THC compounds are absorbed into the bloodstream, where it will go straight to your brain.

getting high with friends

With the instant euphoric high effect, it will help you make a better judgement to see if you want to keep smoking or stop.

Eating edibles will not give you an immediate reaction at all. In fact, it will have the complete opposite effect.

When edibles such as weed brownies or weed gummies are consumed, it will go to the stomach first. The digestion process will start from the intestines and move to the liver before going into your bloodstream.

The effects of edibles have a longer onset time compared to smoking or vaping weed.

Furthermore, every individual has a different metabolism rate. This will affect how soon you will feel the effects of edibles.

Someone with a higher metabolism speed will feel the effects sooner than a person with a slower metabolism speed. There is no one size fits all in this.

What To Do When You Overdose on Edibles?

In the case of an accidental overdose on edibles, you must not panic.

Like all things, this too shall pass.

The intense high you are experiencing will gradually fade away after some time.

We suggest that you do some non-demanding activities to help distract yourself. Watching a funny TV show can help you ease your mind and you will be back to normal before you know it.

drink water if overdose

Drinking lots of water will also help flush down the edibles. Eating edibles with CBD in them or food with terpene, such as black peppercorns, can help reduce the intense high you are feeling as well.

How To Prevent Edible Overdose?

Overdosing on edibles is not a fun thing to do. Getting the right cannabis dosage is something that we all want to do. So how exactly do you not overdose on edibles?

Here are some tips to follow:

1 – Do not listen to friends or family 

There is a time and place for everything. When it comes to eating edibles, do not listen to the advice of friends and family.

The advice we have given is to start low and slow.

We might have that one friend who likes to brag on how many edibles he can eat in one sitting. Don’t give in to peer pressure and turn it into a competition.

At the end of the day, taking the correct dosage amount is the best way to enjoy yourself with friends. There is no point to take so much that you end up feeling miserable for however long it takes for the overwhelming high to slowly disappear.

Factors that will affect your tolerance level include your gender, age, and weight. This tolerance level will also change throughout your lifetime, so keep this in mind before taking edibles.

2 – Read The Label

read weed label

Carefully read how much dosage of THC or CBD levels is in the edible before proceeding to eat it.

It is always suggested to buy weed at an online dispensary to ensure that THC dosage is accurate. You never know if edibles you buy on the streets would have the correct labels.

If the label of an edible brownie says it contains 80mg of THC, do not eat it all in one sitting. You should really only eat 5-10mg in one sitting and save the rest for next time.

Eating edibles with high THC concentrations are not the same as eating junk food. While eating junk food might lead to obesity or digestive issues, an overdose on edibles can have more complications such as hallucinations, drowsiness, and paranoia. Do not overdo it!

3 – Smoking VS Edible Tolerance 

You might assume that your edible tolerance will be high based on how much cannabis you can smoke.

There is no correlation between the two.

It is a simple mistake that many cannabis users will make. Remember that smoking tolerance is related to your lungs and not your stomach.

When you eat edibles, it will not even come close to having any contact with your lungs. On top of that, your stomach linings have a lower number of membranes compared to your lungs.

This means that the effects of edibles will be much stronger than smoking with the same THC levels.

4 – The Type of Edible Makes a Difference

The type of edibles you eat will make a difference in how it reacts to your body. For example, eating an edible brownie is not the same as eating a cannabis-infused chocolate bar or gummy bear.

When eating edibles, keep a note of how edibles in the past have affected you. Sometimes, it is not only the milligram levels that will dictate the intensity of feeling high.

Factors That Will Affect How High You Get From Edibles

We now know that there is no one size fits all in how edibles affect a person. From how many dosages is in the edibles to the metabolism rate of an individual, these are all contributing factors to getting the right cannabis dosage.

rugby player metabolism

A 250 lbs rugby player will usually have a faster rate of metabolism compared to an office worker who sits in a chair all day.

Thus, the rugby player will feel the THC effects in a faster manner if he were to eat some weed edibles.

10 mg THC Dosage

The dosage of THC in a weed edible is usually the first factor that affects how high you get from eating edibles.

The higher the dosage, the more intense the effects will be.

We recommend using cannabis strains with a lower THC level if you’re just starting out. You should also start with a 5mg dosage instead of a 10mg dosage if the THC level is higher.

Experienced cannabis users should be able to take a 10mg dosage with no problem.

As a reference, our gummies are packed with 10mg of highly potent THC, with 100mg THC included in a pack.

If you are to consume these gummies, it is best to not consume all at once as it will result in an overdose of edibles.

Eat one gummy at a time and wait 1-2 hours for the effect to kick in before going for another gummy.

For those who like to eat edibles with other food, mixing it with CBD gummies or edibles is a good option. In this way, you can experience the best of both worlds at the same time.

What Is Best MG Edibles Dosage For You?

While there are some options for an edible dosage calculator or THC calculator, this section will provide you with the best information to know getting the right cannabis dosage.

Here are the four different THC dosage that you should be aware of:

1 – 2.5mg of THC dosage

This is a low level of dosage that everyone should be able to consume comfortably. It is great for first-time users looking to get a taste of what edibles are like.

Its effects include a mild relief of pain, stress, and increased focus and creativity

2.5 – 15mg of THC dosage

This is the amount of THC dosage that most users will fall in. It is the perfect mix of experiencing feelings of high without getting too much..

Its effects include stronger pain relief, feelings of euphoria and some impaired coordination.

30 – 50mg of THC dosage

Any dosage over 10mg should only be done by experienced cannabis users. You really need to have a high tolerance for THC in order to try this.

Its effects include very strong effects of euphoria and a significant increase in impaired coordination

50 – 100mg of THC dosage

This level of dosage is not to be taken lightly. We do not recommend anyone to take this high of dosage in one sitting unless it is absolutely necessary. 50 – 100mg of THC is good for those who are highly tolerant of THC or patients who have serious conditions such as cancer and inflammatory disorders.

Its effects include the side effects of nausea, experiencing pain, increase heart rate, and highly impaired coordination and perception.

Edible Dosage MG Chart

For those who prefer looking at information through a chart, here is an edibles dosage table for you to look at. Courtesy of Dr. Dustin Sulak from Healer.

edibles dosing chart


As we have learned through this article, getting the right cannabis dosage is crucial to provide the benefits you are looking for. Once you have found that sweet spot in dosage, the euphoric high that will be experienced will be so much more enjoyable.

If you are looking for some strong edibles in Canada, our online weed store has plenty of options with various concentrations for you to choose from and enjoy.

What are your thoughts on edibles dosage? Did you learn anything new on how to get the right cannabis dosage? Remember to get familiar with our edible dosage chart before trying any. Feel free to share this article and let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below!

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