Anxiety is one of the most common mental illnesses in the world. It triggers feelings of fear, stress and phobia that can often lead to physical symptoms, including fast heart rate, shortness of breath and nausea. Common treatments include therapy and medication, but it’s becoming more common for people to look for alternative and natural solutions to avoid the side effects of strong medications.

CBD oil can benefit people struggling with phobias, stress, and post traumatic stress disorder. Different studies have shown that CBD can also work as a natural treatment for anxiety disorders.

Are you struggling with stress, depression or anxiety? Learn the benefits of CBD and whether it is a possible treatment for you.

How can CBD reduce anxiety?

CBD works by acting on the endocannabinoid system (ECS) which contains cell receptors CB1 and CB2 for cannabinoids. CB1 is highly concentrated in the brain and nervous system and CB2 is in the tissues and immune system throughout our body.

They are mainly associated with effects relating to sleep, memory, anxiety and depression. When CBD interacts with these CB1 receptors, it helps boost the ECS system, by regulating it and reducing symptoms of anxiety. It can also reduce anxiety by helping the body process serotonin, a hormone that plays an important role in regulating emotions. When ingested, CBD activates receptors which enables the brain to send more serotonin signals, consequently improving mood. Here’s what CBD does to our body:

  • It promotes more relaxation and calmness to someone who is going through anxiety.
  • It relieves physical symptoms of anxiety, such as nausea, headache, shortness of breath, bowel issues and muscle tension.
  • Its compounds can also help reduce learned fears, phobias and PTSD which are marked by fear-related memories.
  • It decreases fear expression and it helps enhance fear extinction.
  • It helps people feel more relaxed when speaking in public and it reduces social anxiety.
  • It improves general mood, regulates emotional response and it can prevent nervous breakdowns and panic attacks.

How to use CBD for anxiety

CBD comes in many different forms, including oils, sprays and edibles. The best CBD product depends on the condition and the person using it. Here are some of the CBD products and forms that can help you deal with your anxiety:

  • Weed Strains: often consumed by rolling the strains in a joint, they can contain high CBD levels. Some strains contain a combination of CBD and THC.
  • Vape Oil Cartridges: these are special liquid-ready vapes so that you can inhale CBD oil quickly and efficiently.
  • CBD Tincture Drops: one of the most potent ways to use CBD, tincture drops are usually made from high CBD strains of hemp designed to be placed under the tongue.
  • CBD Capsules: this option is becoming more popular with consumers, as it is a more convenient and consistent method of consuming CBD.
  • CBD Gummies: one of the most popular ways to consume We recommend having a small piece and then wait an hour before ingesting more.


CBD dosage for Anxiety

There are no dosing guidelines for CBD, as it can have a different effect depending on its dosage and on the individual using it.

Determining the right CBD dosage for you depends on many factors, such as your body weight, your level of tolerance to the medication, the health condition being treated, and the strength or purity of the CBD itself. They way you consume cannabidiol also affects the dosage.

The key is to start with a low dosage and increase it slowly. Try the smallest dose then wait a couple of hours before having another dose. This way you can find the amount you need and a dosing routine that is right for you. We usually recommend consuming CBD on a partially full stomach.

Is CBD safe?

As with any substance that can affect the functions of the brain and body, CBD can trigger side effects in some users, including lethargy, changes in appetite and weight.

Letting anxiety go untreated can reduce quality of life and lead to other health problems. If you are experiencing symptoms like difficulty concentrating, irritability and sleep problems, talk to your doctor.  CBD may also interact with other medications, so if you’re considering CBD as an alternative treatment to help manage your anxiety, make sure to talk with your doctor about whether CBD is right for you.

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