$99 Oz Canada. If you are thinking that this is not possible, think again.

For Canadians looking for cheap and quality weed to buy, $99 per ounce is here to stay!

While cannabis has risen in prices due to supply and demand, our online weed dispensary makes sure that all Canadians will have access to affordable weed.

You should not be priced out of getting some cannabis if you are looking to get some. This is why our 99 Oz Canada special will be around for good.

Why You Should Buy $99 Oz of Cannabis

The answer to this is straightforward. There is simply no better than 99 per ounce, the special ounce with great prices.

When you buy $99 Oz of cannabis, the savings you get can be used on other expenses.

tim hortons coffee

An ounce is worth about 28.36grams. This means that 1 ounce of weed is only $3.50! That is the price of a small cappuccino at Tim Hortons.

For those who use cannabis for relaxation or pain relief, would you rather spend money on 1 oz of cannabis or a cup of coffee? This choice is for you to decide.

At this price, you are basically buying it close to wholesale. You can think of us as doing all the work of growing and preparing it for your enjoyment.

The way we have a profit margin is by catering to many Canadians who buy in bulk orders. With your continuous support, we are able to keep our prices low while still keeping our weed quality at a premium.

We see our customers as having a mutually beneficial relationship with us, where we both help each other to make this online dispensary stay open.

How Much Is An Oz Of Weed

So how much is an ounce of weed? While the price of weed will vary between each area, the prices are more or less similar depending on what type of weed strain it is.

The quality and brand of the cannabis product will also play a role in the price.

Do your research before purchasing any weed to get the best price. Many weed dispensaries offer a price match guarantee. This ensures you get the best bang for your buck!

As for the literal question of “How Much Exactly Is One Ounce Of Weed?” This is equally as important to know.

While buying weed for what you need basis is easier, it is not smart for your wallet. The reason is the same as when you buy certain grocery items or products.

The more you buy, the better deal you get.

Weed Measurements and Weights

In Canada, we also refer to measurements and weight in the metrics system (meter litre, and grams) compared to the Imperial system of measurement (inch, mile and pound).

To simplify things, here is the comparison between ounces and grams of weed.

1 ounce = 28 grams

½ ounce = 14 grams

A quarter of weed = 7 grams

Half-quarter of weed = 3.5 grams

Medical Jane does a good job in showing these measurements in a chart.

weed measurements chart

How Much Is Weed in Canada

According to statistics, Canadians pay an average of $6.83 per gram of weed.

With different prices for weed across the provinces, this section will go over how much weed is in Canada, according to where you buy it from.

Global News has made an easy to digest graph to see the stats down below.

cannabis stats across canada

Luckily, these price differences will not make a difference to you if you buy from our online marijuana store.

Our cannabis prices are the same across Canada. Feel free to browse our products and see if you like anything!

Why Online Dispensary Canada Have The Lowest Weed Prices

Buy Weed Online is proud to have one of the lowest weed prices you can buy in the market today. 

Ever since Canada legalized cannabis back in October 2018, there has been an increase in online dispensaries just like us to serve the needs of our citizens.

We see the importance of Canadians having access to cheap weed, where all of us should be able to buy cheap ounces of weed online to use in a recreational or medicinal way.

The reason why we can sell cannabis at wholesale prices is due to operational costs. With our weed dispensary operating 100% online, there is no cost associated with renting a traditional retail store.

Our team can focus all our efforts on ensuring that the highest quality weed is being prepared and packaged. Not only that, we are also able to serve you every day every hour! 

While our customer service team is online Monday to Friday from 9-5 pm, you will still be able to buy our affordable cannabis products during evening times and weekends.

So what are you waiting for? Browse around our weed dispensary for your great deals today. We offer a price match and a satisfaction guarantee as well!

$99 Oz Canada Free Shipping

With so many weed shops out there, where should you go to buy your $99 Oz cannabis?

You would be pleased to know that we offer FREE shipping to anywhere in Canada for our 99 Oz weed deal. 

In fact, we will ship for free Canada-wide on any orders over $99. There is literally no reason why you should not consider getting your cannabis products from us.

Buy Weed Online also offers various marijuana, weed concentrates, edibles, CBD, and accessories for all your cannabis needs.

Your happiness from our weed products is our guarantee!

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